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Rich & Johnny's Inzane Michigan - Electronic Homemade Lurkers Vol One: Knox Mitchell

Detroit, 13.01.22

Join John Olson (aka Inzane Johnny, of Wolf Eyes) and music writer Rich Tupica as they mine deep into Michigan's wilderness of sounds. No private press rarity is off limits: soul, gospel, oddities, punk, experimental, rockabilly, and garage rock. It's all unearthed. Strap in for an insanely bizarre ride across the Great Lakes State.


  • Fragmentary Vandalism
    12.19.10 Pt. III
  • Inri 66 + Lidless Eye
    Gas Leak
  • Lidless Eye
    Dark Patterns A2
  • Lidless Eye
    Erie PA 01.24.20
  • Lidless Eye
    Psychic Explosion (Rough Mix)
  • Lidless Eye
    Slanted Surface A3
  • Lidless Eye
    Tape Cuts 2020 Side B
  • Lidless Eye
    The Midnight Caller Side B
  • Nagaloka
    Vol. 1 Pt. 7
  • Night Court
    Secret Pact
  • Pink Chunk Jazz Band
    Trixie's 04.20.19
  • Quartered
    Quarter-Ed Side A
  • Undercurrent
    EHEUB #2