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Rich & Johnny's Inzane Michigan - BRANDON HILL MICHIGAN & BEYOND MEGA MIX!!

Detroit, 25.08.22

"A 4 channel mega-mix of vinyl, lathes, CD-R’s, cassettes and low bit rate Mp3’s showcasing true Midwest sounds - Artists from Grand Rapids, Detroit, Cincinnati, Chicago, Milwaukee, to southern tips of midwest states and outlier cities - most tracks are recent / new / or unreleased in some cases. Wanted to mainly focus on in my opinion, some generally underrated sounds and new / unreleased jams as well as personal oddball projects to sneak in… This mix is merely a snap shot - There’s countless more artists to mention- Hails to Blessed Sacrifist, Vulmox, The Serfs, Hate Sermon, Stagnant Fluids, City Pleasure, Immortal Bird, Jail, Attrition Cult, SOROS, Estranged Flesh and more just to name a few… and much of this mix is in fact only snippets and excerpts, leaving it up to the listener to further explore the never ending basement that is the midwest. Enjoy the madness…!" - B


  • Kratt
    Speaking In Bold
  • Alex York
    Passenger: Mind
  • Conjunto Primitivo 
    Bailando Primitivo
  • Beau Wanzer 
    Do The Spider Shimmy
  • DJ Bando 
    Goddard Oxy
  • Fog Of Joy
    Ivory Belly
  • Club Music 
    Binaural Beach 008
  • Atlantis Interceptors
    Radioactive Miami
  • Joe P. Cox
    People Of Cain In Paradise
  • Dalibor Cruz 
  • Zvrra
    Whited Sepulchre
  • Dual Saturns
    Night Skies
  • Flanger Magazine 
    Clocks in Mirrors
  • Phasing 
    Dedicated Exit
  • French Police 
  • Cell Rush
  • Shroud 
    The Uncounted
  • City Pleasure 
  • Mock Execution
    On The Edge (Panic)
  • Levity 
    Suffocating Born Strength
  • Church Shuttle
    Becoming All You’ve Seen
  • Throop & Hill
  • Tyler Hicks 
  • Peter J Woods
    Open Fields
  • Clear Days Always
    Stay Alone
  • Crime Of Passing 
    Off My Shoulder
  • New Monuments
    New Ruin
  • Siobhan 
    Dispell Goodness
  • Knox Mitchell
    Update At Four
  • Roman Candle
    Torrential Downpour
  • Palm Hands
    Lamentable Side B
  • Itsi
    Pharmacy Bathroom (American Erektors)
  • Bronze Nazareth 
    The Precipice
  • The New Me
    What N’ Tarnation (Nostilevo)
  • Nick Keeling & Kailey M. Schenker
    Marker 2
  • Apaixonar
    Unreleased Excerpt
  • Cloud Rat
    Bend The Bow
  • Immaculate Conception
  • Trash Scavenger
  • Wasteland Jazz Unit 
    Degrees Of Distraction
  • Plagues
    Untitled Excerpt
  • Perfected Grave Vault
    Long Ago And Not True Anyway
  • Echo Chamber
    Login / Data Cattle / It Just Gets Worse
  • Paranoid Time 
    Sick Gross Rat
  • Virago
    Listening For Bells