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Rich & Johnny's Inzane Michigan - '80s Tapes: "Say ‘What’ To Michigan'' + "My Scene Rules!"

Detroit, 02.06.22

This episode starts with a few throwback interview snippets from a 1988 documentary called “Subterraneans: A Portrait of Lansing Area Underground Music.” Hear from the ‘80s kids who attended basement shows … and some quotes from the local police who tried to shut ‘em down. This episode tears through two rare Michigan tape compilations — both played in-full. First up is 1986’s “Say ‘What’ To Michigan,” a lo-fi collection issued by the Placebo Effect Fanzine (came with a 8.5x11 zine). After that is 1987’s “My Scene Rules!” This underground time capsule was compiled in Battle Creek, Michigan and released via Burnt Cereal Mag Productions. To round out this special two-hour episode, other hilarious interview clips with locals are scattered throughout.


  • “Subterraneans
    A Portrait Of Lansing Area Underground Music” (1988 Interview Clips)
  • Weird World 
    The Crucifiction Of Henry Ford
  • Dissonance 
    No More Room
  • Baby Pulled From Burning Home
    Premature Burial
  • Baby Pulled From Burning Home
    Wipe Out
  • Bodeans
    Glass Bar
  • Bodeans
    Government Puppet
  • Premature Babies 
    I Don't Wanna Die
  • Slaughterhouse 
  • Twisted Value 
    Meaningless Task
  • Twisted Value 
    Twisted Theme
  • Godspeed
  • Feline Cow Vengence 
    Tar Beast Machine
  • The Bats 
    The Image
  • Bats 
    Make A Stand
  • Go Eat 
    More Than Zero
  • Go Eat 
    Artist Rapers
  • Laughing Cadavers 
    John Deth
  • Grey Tissue Kisskill
    Inhuman Society
  • Born Without A Face 
    Stubborn Beast Flesh
  • Political Silence 
    Massive Death
  • Forced Anger 
    Colored Rectangles
  • Forced Anger 
    The Grind
  • ADC
  • Angry Red Planet 
    Vandalism USA
  • 13th Key 
    Livin' In Sin
  • Hersey
    Final Hour
  • Hersey
    Loved You To Death
  • Blurbs
    Edison's Wife
  • Son Of Sam 
    God Drove Up In A Pink Cadillac
  • Son Of Sam 
    Police Patrol
  • Army Of God
  • The Chumps 
    Going Up The Country
  • The Chumps 
    My Generation
  • The Guilty Bystanders 
    What A Loser
  • The Guilty Bystanders 
    Politics Made Simple
  • 11:33
    New Recruit
  • Boneyard 
    Rays Dream
  • Boom And The Legion Of Doom
    I Should've Killed It Before I Ate It
  • Boom & The Legion Of Doom 
    Butcher Block
  • PLasma Alliance 
    Ta Tonka Yo Tonka
  • Slaughter House
    Mommie's Little Pantie Boy
  • The Unconcerned
    Wholy Man
  • The Unconcerned 
    Habit Hangup
  • Broken Trust
  • The Sinatras 
  • The Sinatras 
    I Wanna See You Cry