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Is This Thing On? w/ Hector Plimmer

London, 06.10.19

With Hector Plimmer

Designer, producer and Crates curator Hector Plimmer drops by for a 2-hour monthly show.


  • Ronin Arkestra 
    Lullabies Of The Lost
    801 Truth Teachers
  • Karate Boogaloo 
    Genius of Love
  • Children Of Zeus X Black Milk
    Won’t End Well
  • Ronin Arkestra 
    Art Of Altercation
  • Petter Eldh 
    Kali Koma
  • Koichi Sakai Ft. Alfa Sackey
    Wono (Pocz Remix)
  • Sea Moya
    LITE (Move It Mix)
  • Zackey Force Funk 
    ABC My Love
  • Kiina
  • Surprise Chef 
    Blyth Street Nocturne
  • Hector Plimmer
    Somebody Else Ft Andrew Ashong
  • GUTS
    Senou Menm PAPATEF
  • EVM128 Featuring Renato Paris
    Changes (Renato’s Live Version)
  • Glenn Astro 
    Plonk Rhythm Trax
  • Strata-Gemma 
  • RexSuru
    Control (Alex Phountzi Remix)
  • Likwid Continual Space Motion 
    Let Me
  • Romaal Kultan 
    High & Mighty
  • Julian Gomes
    1000 Memories
  • TSHA 
  • Christoph El Truento 
    17 Days
  • Christoph El’ Truento
  • Christoph El’ Truento
  • Leandro Di 
    My House Is Underground
  • Uffe
    City’s Dead
  • Floating Points