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Blues 2000 w/ J Whitemare

Oakland, 12.10.21

Journey thru the lost / deleted backroads of American music of the last 25 years mainly r&b / gospel / rap from private issue cassettes, CDs, CD-Rs and the internet, from artists who kept their day jobs but maybe paved the way at least in spirt for today’s artists who quit theirs.


  • Destiny 
    Amazing grace (negro spiritual)
  • Astarius 
    Spirit Rap
  • Ghetto
    Porn Star
  • EJ Miller
    I Love You
  • Otis G Johnson
    Christ Love
  • CZV
    Surely Surely Surely
  • Monarch
    Good To Me
  • Thug Life, Presidential 
    If I Could Sing
  • Donell Terry 
    Come Here Baby
  • Halalujah
    Westernman / Brotha Afrikah / See You Again
  • Psycho Myko
  • Castle
    Stop This War
  • Jersey Balls
  • James Wilson
    Thank You Yes