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Batavia Strut

Jakarta, 01.07.19

Batavia Strut is a crew. It was founded in 2016 through the mutual interest to organise parties that provide far-out music with a low-key vibe. Their latest endeavour in 2019 is a collective single and music video titled "Ricefield Crab". This mix is about funerals, memories and the noise around us.


  • Harvy Abdurachman
    Graves Of The Narrators
  • Barry Woolnough 
    Great Father Spirit In The Sky
  • Mouse On The Keys 
  • Mehliana
    Hungry Ghost
  • Senyawa 
    Hadirlah Suci
  • Ffonz
    Turn That Shit Off
  • Kim Sun 
    The Man Who Must Leave
  • The Group
    The Feedback
  • The Sonic-Youth 
    Stereo Sanctity
  • Sonic Youth 
    Silver Rocket
  • The Velvet Underground 
    Sister Ray
  • Ffonz
    Turn That Shit Off (Reverse)