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Jamie Tiller

London, 02.09.19

The Music From Memory co-founder digs out the dancefloor cuts from his rarefied crates - expect sunblushed house, bargain bin jams, vintage synthpop & lots else besides.


  • Electrodelia 
    Visions Of Electrobombay
  • Isadora Beach
    Falling (Memphis Sweatlodge Mix)
  • Man Machine (DJ Homes, DJ Martin mix) 
    Animal (Primordial Jungle)
  • Dope Module 
    In A Cage
  • Credit 00 
    The Garden
  • Aphex Twin
    Anaolgue Bubble Bath
  • Pilgrims Of The Mind 
  • Higher Intelligence Agency
    Ketamin Energy
  • CCL X Flora FM
    Liquify Interference
  • Bear Bones, Lay Low (DJ Plead mix) 
    Voces De Humo (DJ Plead Belly-Roll Mix)
  • Quazar 
    Through The Looking Glass