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Soul in Paradise w/ Jamma Dee

Los Angeles, 09.01.20

With Jamma-Dee

Jamma Dee holds the ticket to paradise - plug in for a monthly delve into soulful sounds, Balearic jams, classic house and more…


  • Rainbow, Asha Senator 
    Slow & Easy
  • B-Legit, Daryl Hall 
    Ghetto Smile (TV Track)
  • Raw Stilo 
    Cutie (Party Instrumental)
  • JV (Albert Cabrera, Carlos Zanella mix) 
    Time Keeps Slippin' Away (But I Keep Goin' On) (Monte Carlo Radio Edit)
  • Jay B.U.M. 
    The Underground (Jeep Cherokee LTD Mix)
  • Juicy
    Wrecks N Effect
  • Rick Harvey 
    Pray For L.A.
  • Fiona Harriet
    Real Love (Soul Mix)
  • Luba (Francois Kevorkian mix) 
    The Best Is Yet To Come
  • Big Lady X
    On A Mission
  • Thomas + Taylor
    You Can't Blame Love (Club Mix)
  • James (D-Train) Williams (Francois Kevorkian, Hubert Eaves III, Ron St. Germain mix) 
    Misunderstanding (Instrumental)
  • J.T. Taylor 
    Follow Me (Instrumental)
  • Urmadré 
    In And Out Of My Love (Instrumental)
  • Art Madison (Gordon Jones mix) 
    Blowing My Mind (Gordon's Instrumental Groove)
  • Steve Harvey (François mix) 
    Tonight (François Remix)
  • Today 
    Why You Get Funky On Me (Extended Version)
  • Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam 
    Let The Beat Hit 'Em
  • Mass Production 
  • Constina 
    Falling Like Rain (Acid Rain Mix)
  • Big Audio Dynamite 
    Hollywood Boulevard (Club Mix)
  • Karyn White (Winston Jones and Dave Shaw mix) 
    Secret Rendezvous (After Hours Mix)
  • Olonga 
    Feel The Melody (Pal's Melody)
  • 2 U Hi
    No Big Deal
  • Shades Of Black 
    Dream On
  • L.U.P.O. 
    Hell Or Heaven (Extended Mix)
  • Chic Mystique
    Up Next
  • Lisa Stansfield 
    This Is The Right Time (Extended Version)
  • ??
    Take Me Back To Love Again (Rogers Favorite Mix)
  • Groove Committee 
    I Want You To Know (Vocal)