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Jaro Sounder - Psychedelic Rock Special

London, 01.11.20

Jaro Sounder brings themed monthly mixes ranging from explorations of the no-wave Tellus Audio Cassette magazine to seasonal soundscapes…


  • McCartney 
    Momma Miss America
  • john & yoko 
    How Do You Sleep? (Takes 5 & 6, Raw Studio Mix)
  • Patto 
    The Man
  • Goldenrod 
    The Gator Society
  • May Blitz 
    Virgin Waters
  • Pax 
    Green Paper (Toilet)
  • Sam Gopal 
    The Dark Lord
  • Weed 
    Sweet Morning Light
  • Demon Fuzz 
    Past Present And Future
  • The Writing On The Wall
    It Came On A Sunday
  • Iron Claw 
  • Hurdy Gurdy 
    Ride On
  • Dark