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Heaven and Earth Magic w/ Jocelyn Romo

Los Angeles, 25.11.20

Exploring inner and outer worlds, cosmic and pastoral sounds, and the intersection between reality and dreams once a month with Jocelyn Romo's mix of international and private press folk, instrumental guitar, dream country, ambient, new age, kosmiche, psych and beyond

Photo by: Ana Mendieta from her "Siluetas" series:"Creek, 1974."


  • Nocturnal Emissions 
    The Well Is Deep
  • Arleta
    Therinis Nyktos
  • Lily, Maria 
  • Jennifer 
    Sand And Foam
  • Bruce Kosaveach 
    Feelin' Together With The World
  • Michel Moulinié
    L'écho De L'acier
  • Lena Platonos, Savina Yannatou
    Se Palio Simfitit
  • Luis Paniagua 
    Paseo Celeste
  • Bob Theil 
    Who Are We Now
  • Lula Côrtes
    Alegro Piradíssimo
  • Emmanuelle Parrenin 
  • Daniel Lentz 
  • William Eaton
    Untitled 2B
  • Chas Smith 
    October '68