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Heaven and Earth Magic w/ William Tyler

Los Angeles, 28.09.22

Cosmic avenues of sounds old and new but all beautifully out of time from the world of instrumental guitarist and musical experimentalist William Tyler


  • Brad Chequer 
    Warm River
  • Jean Cohan Solal
    Intime Panique
  • Enno Velthuys
    A Glimpse Of Light
  • Cold Sun 
    Twisted Flower
  • Bruce Langhore
    It Won’t Be The End Of The World
  • Emerald Web 
    Flight Of The Raven
  • Eden Ahbez 
    The Old Boat
  • Suni McGrath 
  • Mountains 
    Blown Glass Typewriter
  • Roy Montgomery 
    Fantasia On A Theme By Sandy Bull (Slight Return)
  • Udi Yorgo Bacanos 
    Hicazkar Taksim
  • Phonem
    Swollen Car
  • Trad Gras Och Stenar