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Weekend Read w/ Jonah Rabb

Los Angeles, 03.09.20

Every month Jonah Rabb brings you Weekend Read, an hour of funk, house, contemporary R&B, and more.


  • Cassandra 
    Sitting In The Park
  • Shirley Brown 
    I Caught You With Your Pants Down
  • Alicia Myers
    I Don’t Wanta Bore You
  • Insane & D-Mack feat. U Boys Click 
    Niggaz In The Streets
  • S.S.P. 
    Love 4 Tha Game
  • D’Yo
  • Loose Ends 
    Watching You
  • S.O.S. Band 
    Even When You Sleep
  • Voices Of East Harlem
    New Vibrations
  • Bataan 
    The Bottle (La Botella)
  • Kay Gee’s
    Latican Funk