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Neue Tanz w/ Jasmin & Jules

Cologne, 15.05.19

Playing anything from ambient and experimental textures interwoven through eccentric new wave, forgotten b-sides and contemporary dance music; one can expect almost anything from the Neue Tanz show. Hosted monthly by Jules, with friends or on his own.


  • King Midas Sound 
    You Disappear
  • Tashi Wada With Yoshi Wada And Friends
    Niagara (Laurel Halo Remix)
  • Hamilton Scalpel
    Coventry Dump Vale
  • Rainer Veil
  • Circuit 900
    Deltaic Region
  • Unknown Artitst
  • CultureClash 
    Bad Dream
  • Loefah 
    Beat Them
  • Micachu, Brother May 
    She’s A Keeper
  • TSVI 
    The Healer
  • Forever 
  • Debit
  • Oli XL 
    Rogue Idiot
  • Ebb Ft. Accept
    Wild Wood
  • Piezo 
  • Shackleton 
    Tin Foil Sky
  • Nadia Struiwigh