Live now

Neue Tanz w/ Jules

Cologne, 22.03.17

Playing anything from ambient and experimental textures interwoven through eccentric new wave, forgotten b-sides and contemporary dance music; one can expect almost anything from the Neue Tanz show. Hosted monthly by Jules, with friends or on his own.


  • Sussan Deihim / Richard Horowitz 
    Desert Equations (For Brion Gysin)
  • Narassa 
    Tensione Statica
  • Roberto Musci 
    Blue Garden
  • Trimopen
    Wagagroove (Forthcoming)
  • Cologne Tape
    Magazine 16 (Forthcoming)
  • Nowerk 
  • B12 
    Into The Mist
  • Aux 88 
    Man Or Machine
  • Nico Melotte
    Inacessible Island
  • Anna Domino 
    Trust, In Love
  • Poligam (Spacelex mix) 
    A-Dur Funk (spAceLex Remix)
  • Psyche 
    Eating Violins
  • Günther Schickert
  • Zerox Dreamflesh 
    Squids Can Fly