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Bodywork w/ Kaili

Los Angeles, 17.04.20

Kaili brings you the practice of Bodywork, an hour-long cleansing ritual of club music traversing time and locality, applying pressure where it's needed in order to release…

Playing romantic kizomba, languor-drenched rap, and freestyle breaks.

Artwork Credit: Márcio Matos


  • DJ Lycox 
  • NA
    Without You
  • Ariana Grande feat. Lil Wayne 
    Let Me Love You
  • DJ Doraemon X Dj Show
    Boss Ac Loko
  • Mobilegirl
    Social Distance Tune
  • DJ Python 
  • Alicia Keys Ft. Miguel
    Show Me Love ( DJ Michbuze Kizomba Remix)
  • DJ Doraemon Ft. Wizkid
  • Willy G
    808 (Tarraxo)
  • Mulatoh Produções
    Mesma Cena
  • TeeFLii X Mr. Mitch
    24 Hourz X Feel (Rabit Blend)
  • 8ulentina
  • Asmara 
    Dheere Dheere
  • Mulatoh Produções
    Modos Fr
  • Bktherula
    Tweakin' Together
  • Luz1e 
  • Swisha 
    Juke-A-Later (DJ Tool)
  • DJ Rish
  • Sahbabii
    Double Dick
  • PTA 
    INK (Beatapella)
  • Playboi Carti
  • TAHll I Ever Wanted
  • Bored Lord
    All Around Me
  • Acemo 
    Yup (mhm)
  • Anz 
    Helps Your Two Hips Move
  • DJ Rish
    LC Ghettotech
  • Bored Lord
    Do You Have To Let It Raver
  • NA
    Playing Games Dub
  • CFCF