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Kaitlyn Aurelia-Smith Presents: TouchThePlants w/ Cool Maritime

Los Angeles, 15.06.18

With Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Cool Maritime

Composer and modular synth expert Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith presents TouchThePlants on NTS' Los Angeles studio once a month for a round-up of favourites and inspirations from her label TouchThePlants.


  • Summer Rhapsody
    Dorothy Carter
  • The Gate Of Breathing
    Yaz - Kaz
  • Cutting Branches For A Temporary
    Penguin Cafe Orchestra
  • Campo De Sonhos
    Priscilla Ermel
  • Jungle Book
    Yas - Kaz
  • Full Moon
    Per Tjernberg
  • Didn’t You Know
    Per Tjernberg
  • Kaneda
    Grinch Yamashirogumi
  • Arroyo
    Linda Cohen
  • Raga Rageswari
    Sivakumar Sarma
  • Climbing Up
    Cool Maritime
  • Singing Stream (Spring Mix)
    Hiroshi Yoshimura
  • Club Dance
    Joe Hisaishi
  • Wind River Powow
  • Totoro
    Joe Hisaishi
  • Crystal Falls
    Wally Badarou
  • Glass Chaim
    Inoyama Land
  • Your Pond
    Emiliy A. Sprague
  • Lemurian Sunrise
    Paul Lloyd Warner & Steve Kindler
  • As The Earth Kissed The Moon
    Michael Stearns
  • Surround
    Hiroshi Yoshimura