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Pteropods Halloween w/ Kelsey Lu

Los Angeles, 29.10.19

With Kelsey Lu

North Carolina-born experimental cellist and songwriter brings her selections to the NTS L.A. studio…

Dive into my easily distracted mind. My cello is stalking me.


  • Howard Shore 
    Welcome To Videodrome
  • In Regards To Love - Agape
    Yuri On Ice
  • Slipknot 
    Insert Coin
  • Alien Soundtrack
    Main Title
  • The Shining
    Midnight, The Stars And You
  • Ennio Morricone
    The Thing Title Soundtrack
  • HIIN
    Feels Like Heaven X TRA Soundscape (Mix From Ringu)
  • Kenji Kawai
    Ringu OST
  • 1964
    Kwaidan Music, Haochi The Earles, Tru Takemitsu
  • Andrzej Korzynski 
    The Night The Screaming Stops (Opening Titles)
  • Goblin 
  • Paul Zaza
    Hallway Chase From Prom Night Soundtrack
  • HIIN
    Feels Like Heaven
  • John Corigliano 
    The Final Transformation
  • AC/DC 
    Highway To Hell (Arnheim)