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Kickin Pigeon's Galactic Bounce

Manchester, 12.10.19

House & techno wizard from Picadilly Records - Matt Ward a.k.a Kickin Pigeon takes the lead for a two-hour session one Saturday each month, direct from NTS Manchester.


  • Space Dimension Control
  • Claude Young, Takasi Nakajima 
    Rapture (Original Mix)
  • Nite Vision 
    Surreal Projections
  • LOGIC1000 
  • Dave Clark 
  • Ben Sims 
    In The City
  • Mark Ambrose 
    Shooting Stars (Original Mix)
  • Ben Sims (Ritzi Lee mix) 
    In The City (Ritzi Lee Remix)
  • Percy X (Regis mix) 
    X-Trak 1 (Regis Remodel)
  • Mr. Anderson
    Into Nature (Plastikman Remix)
  • Final Cut Presents True Faith (Feat. Bridgett Grace)
    Take Me Away
  • Interplanetary Criminal 
    Pain (All I Want)
  • Boo Willians
    Make Some Noise
  • Spank Spank 
    Your Inspiration (Something Different Mix)
  • Subjoi 
    Flashing Lights