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Kiss Me Again

Manchester, 27.09.20

One hour of house and techno club offerings from Kiss Me Again founders Antoin Lindsay, David Dobson, Matthew Rothery and guests, live from NTS Manchester.


  • Slag Boom Van Loon (Boards Of Canada mix) 
    Poppy Seed
  • Vakula (Feat. Dices)
    This Is Not Music
  • Goteki 45 (Feat. SZOU)
    Take Your Time
  • Boo Tell
  • BFTT 
    (in)finite scroll
  • Bakey Ustl 
    Tender Places
  • Kelela (Ahya Simone mix) 
    Enough (Ahya Simone_Enough_No BPM)
  • Shanti Celeste & Saoirs
    Solid Maas
  • Parris 
    Harajuku Girls
  • Anz 
  • Clemency
    Mimic Animals That Are Easy To Love
  • India Jordan