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Kiss Me Again

Manchester, 05.07.20

One hour of house and techno club offerings from Kiss Me Again founders Antoin Lindsay, David Dobson, Matthew Rothery and guests, live from NTS Manchester.


  • Iceboy Violet
    I Got U (Lil Durk)
  • Beverly Glenn-Copeland 
    Slow Dance
  • Speaker Music
    Amerikkka’s Bay (Ft. Maia Sanaa)
  • Clemency
    Biblical Names
  • Azu Tiwaline 
    Air Element
  • Ouri 
    K-Yen Dreamin
  • Ido Plumes 
    Which Way Is Up
  • Porter Brook
  • Djoser 
  • Henzo, Iceboy Violet
    Lacerate (Ft. Iceboy Violet)
  • Florentino
  • Bamz & Scratchclart
    Tell Dem Agen (Ft. DJ NG)
  • Anz 
    Body + Mind
  • DJ Swisha & DIYR
    Sittin’ On Chrome
  • Finn