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Kit Records

London, 15.09.19

Every two weeks Kit Records founder Richard Greenan offers a tropical hangover tonic of off-beam electronics, weird field recordings and feel good pop wonk. Old, new, borrowed, blue.


  • Daniel Johnston 
    Get Yourself Together
  • Aki Tsuyuko 
  • Takashaki
  • Tim Hecker 
    Boreal Kiss (Part 1)
  • Another History Compilation
    Water Music
  • Electric Capablanca 
    Baltic Variation
  • Daniel Johnston 
    Softly And Tenderly
  • Wojciech Rusin
    Pablo's Dream
  • Another History Compilation
  • Vic Bang
  • Cosmic Neighbourhood 
    Fortune Teller
  • Plinth 
    51° 43'.23 N 05° 40'.10 W
  • PMP
  • Rich Field Recording
    Filed Recording Of Greek Tank Tate Library
  • Daniel Johnston 
    Held The Hand
  • Arvo Pärt 
    Variations For The Healing Of Arinushka
  • Hans Abrahamsen, ensemble recherche 
    Canon 3A: Sehr Langsam, Schleppend Und Mit Trübsinn (Im Tempo Des "Tai Chi")
  • The Aphex Twin 
    Analogue Bubblebath
  • Lukid 
    The Clappers
  • Kit Records
    Unreleased Banger Soon Come
  • A Happy Return 
    Lost Nor Vanished
  • Cara Stacey & Camilo Angeles
  • Barbara 
    Du Bout Des Lèvres
  • Us 
    Born In The North
  • Lion Heart, Cee Zee Du 
    Meteor Connection
  • Resina (Lotic mix) 
    In In (Lotic Remix)
  • Aver
    Den Ersten Atemzug
  • Anna Lockwood 
    Mini Mobile
  • Shanti Celeste 
    Make Time
  • New Order