Live now

Kit Records w/ Mr Beatnick

London, 12.03.23

Every two weeks Kit Records founder Richard Greenan offers a tropical hangover tonic of off-beam electronics, weird field recordings and feel good pop wonk. Old, new, borrowed, blue.


  • Makaya McCraven 
    High Fives
  • Dorothy Ashby 
    Canto De Ossanha
  • Aylu 
  • Life Tones
    Good Side
  • Bitchin Bajas
  • Tangerine Dream 
    White Eagle
  • Giedrius Kupreviius
    Part III (Songs Of Songs, Erotidija XVII)
  • Eric Serra 
    Deep Blue Dream
  • Panoram
    Alone in Hawaii
  • Bootsy's Rubber Band 
    Munchies For Your Love
  • Cheri Knight 
    Tips On Filmmaking
  • Mr Beatnick
    Love on a Real Train
  • Nikolaienko 
  • Jeff Parker
    Mondays At The Enfield Tennis Academy
  • Bullet 
    The Peterman
  • R. Karim 
    Willow Lake Dub
  • Mr Beatnick And Richard Greenan
    How To Draw Roger
  • Travesa
    Una Cancin Gratuita
  • Chris Rea 
  • The Sweet Enoughs
  • Kazi 
    A.V.E.R.A.G.E (Instrumental)
  • Object Agency
    Oikos Moor
  • Aquarius 
    Drift To The Centre
  • Euglossine 
    Eternal Mouse
  • Mr Beatnick
    When This Is Over
  • Up, Bustle And Out 
    An African Friendship (Une Amitié Africaine)