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Kranky w/ CV & JAB

Los Angeles, 17.11.21

The inimitable Kranky Ltd, live from LA once a month.


  • Bergur Anderson 
    Flock, the midnight choir, breathing by the ocean
  • John M. Bennett 
    Garbage At Sea
  • James Ferraro 
    C Lord
  • Saloli
  • Terry Jennings
    Winter Trees (Performed By John Tilbury)
  • Andrew Pekler & Giuseppe Ielasi
  • Christina Vantzou 
    Multiplying Into Fields Of Little Voices
  • Sugai Ken
    Cha To Kehai (Are You High Purity?) (Excerpt)
  • Λένα Πλάτωνος, Lena Platonos 
    Άρωμα Ροζαλία = Rosalia Perfume
  • Yvette Janine Jackson
    Stage Black
  • Ben Bennett 
    A Warm Head
  • Cocteau Twins + Harold Budd
    Memory Gongs
  • Charlemagne Palestine, Terry Jennings 
    Short And Sweet
  • Michel Redolfi 
    Night Of Thousand Stars
  • CV, JAB 
    Seeing Redness, Plastic Fingers