Live now

Kranky w/ Grouper

Los Angeles, 12.04.18

With Grouper

Part 2 of 2 mix in preparation for Grouper's upcoming album "Grid of Points"


  • Benoit Pioulard 
    Hawk Moth Mirage
  • Part II Of II Double-Sided Postcard: Ritual Dream
    Liz Harris
  • Cave Children
    Field Recording
  • Black Rain 
    Now I'm Just A Number
  • Giant Swan
    Unreleased (Architectural Hangover)
  • Ministry 
    Over The Shoulder
  • Pulse Emitter
    Over Clouds
  • Mica Levi
    OST: Under The Skin
  • Christina Carter 
    Dream Long
  • Alastair Galbraith, Demarnia Lloyd 
    Tae Keening
  • Marisa Anderson 
    Cloud Corner
  • Richard Youngs 
    Soon it Will Be Fire
  • Samara Lubelski W Marcia Basset
    Live In NY
  • Mach-Hommy
    Bon Après-Midi
  • Grouper
    My Dishwasher, Cow Bells Played By Cows Wearing Them Grazing In Fields On San Miguel Island In The Azores
  • Roy Montgomery 
    She Waits On Temple IV