Manchester, 25.08.19

Manchester’s finest soul selectors [ K S R ] and Tarzsa deliver a monthly session of the very smoothest soul, r'n'b, jazz, broken beats and hip-hop from around the globe. Let them take you on a journey, just don’t forget the box brackets.


  • Raphael Saadiq, Q-Tip
    Get Involved (Album Version)
  • Wayne Valentine
    Koffee [100]
  • EvaBEE
    Full Circle
  • Etta Bond
    Back Now
  • Mac Ayres Ft. DJ Harrison
    Where Do We Go From Here
  • REMI
    5 A.M
  • Beat Child
    The Cure
  • Platinum Pied Pipers feat. Tiombe Lockhart
    I Got You
  • Kofi Stone
    Stories On Pyjamas
  • Children Of Zeus
    No Strings Attached (Terrxnce Jxrdan Edit)
  • Cookin Soul
  • Pharrell
    Raspy Shit
  • Amy Winehouse, Four Tops ( Party Ben mix )
    Rehab (I Can't Help Myself Remix)
  • Galimatias

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