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Devotion w/ Lafawndah

London, 17.08.20

With Lafawndah

Lafawndah brings avant-folk and electronic experimentations from all over, broadcasting direct from NTS' London studio.

Photo by Charlotte Krieger.


  • CJ Calderwood & Trustfall
    Windmill Stream (Excerpt)
  • Chouf
    The Girl Is No One
  • Total Freedom 
    10,000 Screaming Faggots
  • Talvin Singh feat. Amar 
  • Unknown
    Above The Moon
  • Bachir Attar 
    Ceremonies Against The Night Of The Devil
  • Massive Attack 
    Inertia Creeps
  • Siouxsie And The Banshee
    Kiss Them For Me (Remix)
  • A.R. Rahman 
    Mumbai Theme Tune
  • Lafawndah 
    Don't Despair
  • Björk 
  • Saawan Beeta Jaaye & Lakshmi Shankar
    Nirmala Devi Duet