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Lamin Fofana

New York, 30.11.22

With Lamin Fofana

Lamin Fofana is an artist and musician currently located in New York. His latest releases include Unsettling Scores and The Open Boat.


  • Willie Williams 
    Armageddon Time
  • Sugar Minott 
    Wicked Ago Feel It
  • Achille Mbembe
    Les Ateliers De La Pensée
  • Randy Weston 
    African Nite
  • Ishmael Reed
    When Beautiful Boys Drown In The Nile They Become Gods
  • Nathaniel Mackey
    The Subterranean Birds
  • Giovanni Napolano 
    Lato B
  • Laila Sakini 
    The Light That Flickers In The Mirror
  • Monk 
    Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
  • Naomi Murakawa
    Freedom Is A Place (Celebrating The Scholarship, Writing, And Organizing Of
  • CS + Kreme 
    Storm Rips Banana Tree
  • Sarah Webster Fabio 
    Work It Out "Melody Undecided"