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Last Resort

London, 12.10.19

A swift hour long excursion into the unknown. Expect the unexpected from host Tom Cathcart as almost anything goes: techno, post-punk, minimal synth, dub and new wave. Don’t be a prude.


  • Dialect
  • John Martyn 
    Hurt In Your Heart
  • Lemon Quartet 
    Limping Through The Garden
  • A.A. Bondy 
    Fentanyl Freddy
  • Kate Bush 
    50 Words For Snow
  • Jenny Hval Ft. Felicia Atkinson
  • M. Ashworth
  • Bullion 
  • James Massiah (Peter O'Grady mix) 
    Natural Born Killers (Ride For Me)
  • Gang Gang Dance 
  • Eno 
    Here Come The Warm Jets
  • Sui Zhen 
    Matsudo City Life
  • Lifted 
    Mirror In My Room
  • Oneohtrix Point Never Ft. Iggy Pop
    The Pure And The Damned