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Launette's Hour w/ Laura Coxeter

London, 06.09.20

Up with the Lark! Launette takes time out from her day job as a chocolatier to play from her treasured vinyl collection. She will also be joined from time to time by carefully chosen guests. Happy Sunday!


  • Bernadette Bascom 
    I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love
  • Natural Four 
    Try Love Again
  • Daybreak 
    I Need Love
  • Jeffree 
    Call On Me
  • Tavasco 
    Love Is Trying To Get A Hold On Me
  • Flyte Time
    It’s The Things That You Do
  • J.P.'s Force 
    Shake What You Got
  • Rick James 
    Fool On The Street
  • Trace Of Smoke 
    Treasure Mind
  • 10.Exit 9
    I Love You, I Love You Completely
  • 11.Arnie Love & The Loveletts
    We Had Enough
  • 12.Split Decision Band
    Watchin’ Out
  • 13.New World
    We Gonna Make It
  • Burton Inc. 
    L.A. Will Make You Pay
  • Master Plan Inc 
    Something To Be Done
  • George Smallwood, Marshmellow 
    Lady Disco