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Launette's Hour w/ Laura Coxeter

London, 11.05.14

Up with the Lark! Launette takes time out from her day job as a chocolatier to play from her treasured vinyl collection. She will also be joined from time to time by carefully chosen guests. Happy Sunday!


  • Stereolab, Nurse With Wound 
    Exploding Head Movie
  • De Lata
    Ronco Da Cuica
  • Gilberto Gil 
    A Gente Precisa Ver O Luar
  • Mandy B. Jones 
    "1-2-3-4" (We Ain't Got Much Time)
  • Albion 
    Free Fantasy Formation
  • Witch 
    I'm Coming Back
  • Job Orquestra
    Can't Find Away
  • Chanelle
    Saturday Love
  • Paul Johnson 
    Better Than This
  • Matthew L Casselle
  • Alicia Myers 
    I Want To Thank You