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The Imaginary Music Hour : Stories II

Los Angeles, 23.04.18

Bringing you the sound of the sirens and spheres and other myths and shapes.


  • Catherine Lamb
    Tone/Noise - One Viola, Nine-Times Overplayed: From An Isolated Space To A Reactive Space
  • Sarah Davachi 
    For Harpsichord
  • Ben Richter 
    I Am The Wind
  • Ben Richter 
    Panthalassa, II
  • Carmina Escobar 
    CIHUANAHUALLI: Ilhuicatl​ ​Yayauhco​ ​(el​ ​cielo​ ​negro​ ​de​ ​la​ ​noche​ ​/​ ​the​ ​black​ ​sky​ ​of​ ​night)
  • Carmina Escobar
    CIHUANAHUALL: Ihiyotl (Alma-Sombra / Shadow-Soul)
  • Lily Hoang
    “A Development Of Wings” From The Evolutionary Revolution
  • Raymond Roussel
    Locus Solus, Excerpt From Chapter 3
  • Samuel Delaney
    Nova, Excerpt From Chapter 1
  • A.S. Byatt
    Excerpt From “A Lamia In The Cevennes” From Elementals