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The Imaginary Music Hour - Sometimes God Is A Triangle

Los Angeles, 11.09.17

Bringing you the sound of the sirens and spheres and other myths and shapes.


  • John Adams 
    Christian Zeal And Activity
  • Oliver Messiaen 
  • Ruth Crawford
    Three Chants
  • Joel Chadabe 
    A City Called Heaven
  • Perotin (Hillard Ensemble)
    Viderunt Omnes
  • Julian Carillo
    Kyrie, Mass For Pop John The XXIII
  • Mozaribic Chant (Ensemble Organum)
  • Guillame De Machaut (Hillard Ensemble)
    Credo, Messe De Norte Dame
  • Michel Chion 
  • Arvo Pärt 
    Agnus Dei
  • Alvin Lucier 
    Silver Street Car For The Orchestra
  • Powerdove 
    Easter Story
  • Gavin Bryars, Tom Waits 
    Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet (The Single)