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The Imaginary Music Hour - Music of the Spheres and Circles

Los Angeles, 22.05.17

Bringing you the sound of the sirens and spheres and other myths and shapes.


  • Johanna Beyer
    Music Of The Spheres
  • Marc Sabat, Jack Quartet 
    Claudius Ptolemy
  • Willie Ruff, John Rodgers 
    The Planets From Mercury Outward
  • Laurie Spiegel
    Kepler’s Harmony Of The Worlds
  • Traditional
    Rose Red
  • James Tenney, The Barton Workshop, James Fulkerson 
    A Rose Is A Rose Is A Round (1970)
  • Baude Cordier
    Tout Par Compas
  • Baude Cordier
    Tout Par Compas
  • KCM Walker
    Live Performace Exceprt
  • Joan LaBarbara
    Circular Song
  • The Carter Family 
    Can The Circle Be Unbroken