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Awe w/ Laurel Halo

London, 18.10.21

With Laurel Halo

Awe is something you feel when confronted with forces beyond your control: nature, the cosmos, chaos, human error, hallucinations.


  • The Healing Music Of Rana
    Solar Windplay
  • L’ocelle Mare
    Orgue, Contrôleur Midi, Tambourins, Guitare
  • Iris 
    JPT Acid
  • Studio Master
    Car Boot Sex Tape
  • ESP Summer 
    Taishōgoto No ōkoku
  • New Mexican Stargazers 
    Interstate Bliss Interlude
  • Space Afrika 
  • Pendant 
    Dream Song Of The Woman
  • Sarah Davachi 
    Laurus I
  • Alvin Curran 
    Fiori Chiari, Fiori Oscuri
  • Felisha Ledesma 
  • Charles Curtis 
    Unfinished Song
  • Bulgarian State Television Female Vocal Choir
    Sableyalo Mi Agontze