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Lavender Kite Audio Research Hour w/ Doom Trip

Calgary, 10.08.20

An honest selection of the music played at Doom Trip HQ @doomtriprecords in Los Angeles during the 2020 pandemic; March to July. Tracks will either lift spirits or examine them; sometimes both. Love each other.


  • MJ Noble
    Take Your Time
  • Hundred Waters 
  • Koji Kondo 
    The Goddess Appears
  • Cher 
  • Gigi D´Agostino 
    L'Amour Toujours
  • Arthur Russell 
    Arm Around You
  • Moodymann 
    Taken Away
  • EQ Why 
    Beat My Walls
  • Felicia Douglass
    Ready For Your Miracle
  • Unknown
    Recording Of Church Bells In Napoli, Italy
  • Diamondstein 
    Binary Heaven
  • Pale Spring 
  • Nmesh 
    Cimcool 15KV Distribution
  • Infinity Knives
    Tyler Moonlight Ft. Tyler Moonlight
  • Jetski
    Mukqs Pitchfork Review (Jetski Edit)
  • Philip Sherburne
    Untitled 2020/2007
  • Lila Tirando A Violeta & Lighght
    Heavy Is The Soul
  • Daniel Lopatin 
  • Yucky Bangs
    This Valley