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Lavender Kite Audio Research Hour: Gene Clark Special

Calgary, 28.06.18

Focus on Gene Clark

This mix features the music of Gene Clark in its various incantations from The Byrds to collaborations with The Gosdin Brothers & Doug Dillard, as well as his various 60s/70s solo releases. I decided to make a Gene Clark mix following recent archival releases that have unearthed a plethora of rarities & rekindled my love of Gene's music. The song A Long Time has been included from Sings For You, and Back Street Mirror and Back To Earth Again have been included from The Lost Studio Sessions. These demos fill in some gaps when looking at how Gene's work evolved and pioneered many musical styles that went onto prominence often well after Gene had recorded work in that style. Suffice to say, Gene Clark's influence still looms large to this day - some could argue more than ever - and it's been a total pleasure digging deep through his catalog for this mix.

Collection: Golden Oldies