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Lavender Kite Audio Research Hour w/ Sinistarr

Calgary, 23.03.20

Barnaby Bennett presents the Lavender Kite Audio Research Hour.


  • Detroit's Filthiest 
    King Of Kings
  • Jammin Gerald
    Pump That Sh-T
  • Phillip D Kick
  • Detroit's Filthiest 
  • DJ Zap (Disco D mix) 
    Club Talk (Disco D Remix)
  • DJ Rashad 
    Work It Trick
  • Sinistarr Ft. Detroit's Filthiest
  • Waxmaster
    Hit The Flo!
  • Homesick
    1800areyouslappin [Sinistarr Hotline Remix]
  • Morelia
  • Sheefy McFly 
    Laser Jit
  • Marvelous Cain
    Jump Up
  • Mr. De' 
  • Machinedrum 
    Lemme F_ck It
  • DJ Godfather 
    Bang Bang
  • Bastiengoat
    Run To Em
  • Starski & Clutch 
    Late Nite Freaks
  • Terrorhythmus
    Why Not
  • Hyroglifics, Sinistarr 
  • The Kid Vicious
    The Chicken (Cocky Balboa Slim Cook Mix)
  • Dee Jay Nehpets 
    Lay It Down...
  • Homesick 
    Inna Dis VIP
  • The Dream Team 
  • Jammin The House Gerald 
    Hold Up
  • DET Only
    Jit's Time
  • D.J. Godfather 
    All The Players Represent
  • Straski & Clutch
    Drive Through Jit
  • DJ Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith 
  • Mr. De' 
    The Detroit Break
  • Trinity 
    Gangsta (O J Mix)
  • Chi Boogie 
    Move Back (Bonus Track)
  • Jo 
    R Type
  • DJ Godfather 
    U Know U Want It
  • Mr. De' 
    Time Space Scrilla
  • Special Request 
    Double Sicko
  • Was A Be
    Ten Years
  • Hyroglifics & Sinistarr
    Turn Up
  • DJ Godfather 
    Get Yo Jit On
  • DJ Godfather & Good Money
    See U No Mo
  • Mr. De'