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Public Order w/ Jlte, Lawson Benn & rkss

London, 03.08.18

With Lawson Benn, rkss

An askew look at then and now presented by Jlte and Lawson Benn (with or without intermissions). Check also for the Public Order releases and events.


  • Jennifer Walton
  • Gaika 
    36 Oaths
  • 0comeups 
    On The Roof Texting
  • AIWA 
    Whitecap Glimmer
  • Tirzah
    Devotion (Feat. Coby Sey)
  • N1L 
  • Walton feat. Wen 
  • Gaia Beat
  • Kelis
    Bossy (Switch Remix)
  • Rizzla 
  • DJ Lilocox 
    Paz & Amor
  • Rincon Sapiencia
    Ponta De Lança (Mu540 Favela Riddim Flip)
  • Object Blue 
    Cordelia's call to arms
  • Sand Pact
    Wreckt (Rakt)
  • Sadat & Fifty
    Aragoz We Saher (Dj Plead Remix)
  • John Hassell
    Pastorale Vassant
  • Rkss Mix
    Music I (Mostly) Purchased Between 27Th Of May 2018 And 30Th Of July 2018
  • Abra Cadabra
    A Sketch Attempting To Replicate The Marimba Sound From Sherry Coco
  • Rian Treanor 
    Saturday Night
  • Lorenzo Senni (Hecker mix) 
    XAllegroX (Hecker Scattering M Sequence)
  • Exael feat. Arad Acid 
    glass in plastic
  • rkss 
    Pack In This Series, Which Consist Of 460 Mb Pure, Massive Prime-time Progressive, Electro Sounds, Combined In 10 Construction Kits
  • Barthezz 
    On The Move
  • Kepla, DeForrest Brown Jr. 
    The Black Body is a Technology That Ensures White Comfort and Amusement
  • Lotic 
  • Detente
    I Got The Key (Duplicate Edit)
  • Ciara 
    Level Up
  • Galen
    Fog Life
  • Sophie 
  • Rkss
    Mix Close
  • Renick Bell 
  • Siya
    I Be On One
  • El Irreal Veintiuno
    Rituales Paganos
  • Keiska
    Divoli S'vere X Clipse X Keiska (Bootleg Remix)
  • Thast
  • Boyz Speedy
    Sheguetton Show
  • Ubunto
  • Jul
    Elle Veut
  • Special Request 
    No Phone Calls
  • Lady Blacktronika 
    Crazy Bantu Boy
  • Alkaline
    Obeah (Syktariq Edit)
  • Foozool, 8ULENTINA 
  • Jai Jai
    Maharashtra Majha
  • Clap Freckles
    Danza De La Lluvia (Paul Marmota Edit)