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London Contemporary Orchestra

London, 17.08.20

With London Contemporary Orchestra

The London Contemporary Orchestra bring their own performances of the best in contemporary classical from the UK and the world over such as American minimalist champions Steve Reich and Terry Riley, as well as cross-over highlights from the discourses of electronic and experimental music.


  • KMRU 
    Why Are You Here
  • Hannah Peel
    Listen To Your Mother
  • Oliver Coates
    Calm Slime Loud 1cut
  • Kareem Ali
    Moonlight, Starshine (Free Forever Reprise)
  • Galya Bisengalieva
  • Kjartan Sveinsson
    Tiel IV
  • Duval Timothy feat. Ellsworth Kelly, Vegyn 
  • Galya Bisengalieva
  • Duval Timothy feat. Vegyn 
  • Oliver Coates
    Slime Bear Paws