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Leila Samir

London, 12.12.20

London producer & DJ Leila Samir presents an hour every month.


  • Cluster 
  • Moral 
    On Serial Rendau
  • Can 
    Don't Turn The Light On, Leave Me Alone
  • The Human Expression 
  • Children Of The Mushroom 
    You Can't Erase A Mirror
  • The Deep (Mark Barkan, Michael Greisman mix) 
    Color Dreams
  • Haymarket Square 
  • The Millenium
    A. M
  • C. A. Quintet 
    Cold Spider
  • The End
    Don't Take Me
  • D.R. Hooker 
    Forge Your Own Chains
  • Complex
    Norweigan Butterfly
  • Xentilia
    Mary Young
  • The Funkees 
    Baby I Need You