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Into The Outer w/ House of Traps

Manchester, 26.09.20

With Lindsay Todd

Founder of The Living Mountain record store in Edinburgh takes us through his collection of rare disco, new beat, organic-tinged electronica, spacious techno and ambient.


  • Les Gracies
  • Jazz Carriers 
    Mała Septyma
  • Lost & Found
    Collocutor (Afrikan Sciences Remix)
  • :zoviet*france: 
    Tuuschende Escalone
  • Werner Herzog
    Obscenity Of The Jungle (Excerpt)
  • Unknown
    J -Math
  • Linkwood 
  • DJ Sotofett, Christian Dugstad 
  • DJ Sotofett
    July 2020 -NU-Abs 21 Arpa-Ell V2
  • Garies 
    Modified By This
  • Linkwood 
  • Callisto 
    Ambent II
  • Insync 
    Jam Tape 1991 Edit 1
  • The iDEALIST 
    Hopeful Dub