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Into the Outer w/ House of Traps & Other Lands

Manchester, 15.04.17

With Lindsay Todd, House Of Traps, Other Lands

Founder of The Living Mountain record store in Edinburgh takes us through his collection of rare disco, new beat, organic-tinged electronica, spacious techno and ambient.


  • The Scorpios 
    Yadob Yadob = A New Beginning = يادوب يادوب
  • Eardrum
    Colonial Muzak - Afrikan Sciences Alt Middle Remix
  • Palta & Ti
    PÜ Hovedet I Seng
  • Manuel Göttsching 
  • Leon Thomas 
    It's My Life I'm Fighting For
  • Other Lands
    Nu Cube
  • Gamayun 
    Aerial Dance
  • The Black Dog 
  • Jasper Dahlbak
    A Day At Work
  • Automatic Tasty 
    Praise Brigade
  • Lemon Sol
    Sensory Delight
  • Ross 154 
  • Wayne Gardiner (Dan Curtin mix) 
    To Be Free Again (Dan Curtin Remix)
  • Detroit In Effect 
    Dutch Friends
  • GANG 
    KKK. (Club Mix)
  • Mr. Fingers 
    Children At Play
  • Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith 
    Rare Things Grow
  • Kelan Phil Cohran, Legacy 
    The Dogon
  • Стук Бамбука В XI Часов 
    La Cheval De Ma Vie
  • Arsenal Ensemble
    Street Pulse II
  • Delia Derbyshire And Elsa Stansfield ‎
    Circle Of Light (Excerpt)
  • Stephen Brown 
  • GLS
  • Lukas Nystrand Von Unge
  • The Scorpios 
    Yaelhajarok = They Leave You For Me = يأألهجروك