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Inter The Outer w/ House Of Traps & Linkwood

Manchester, 20.01.18

With Lindsay Todd, House Of Traps, Linkwood

Founder of The Living Mountain record store in Edinburgh takes us through his collection of rare disco, new beat, organic-tinged electronica, spacious techno and ambient.


  • Benoit B
    Compression & Release
  • Jonny Nash, Lindsay Todd 
    The Gecko That Wore Its Skin Inside Out
  • Modus
    Two Minutes Of Glory
  • Modus
    The Frame
  • Cosmic Handshakes 
    Read The Ashes
  • Fred Giannelli (DBX, Daniel Bell mix) 
    1st Premonition (DBX Remix)
  • Lo Tek
    Orange Water
  • Whodamanny 
    Electronic Sheets
  • Square Fauna 
    Union Shift
  • Unknown Artist
    Unknown Track
  • Monolake 
    Cyan I
  • Dynamo Dressen/Svn/A Made Up Sound
    Sessions 03 A1
  • Repeat Orchestra
    Unknown Track
  • Dynamo Dressen/Svn/A Made Up Sound
    Sessions 03 B2
  • Backyard Brew 
  • Lab Rat XL
  • NuEra 
    Marz 2010
  • Pure Science, Sci-Phi 
  • Sw.
    45 Beat Track
  • Second-Hand Satellites 
    Orbit 1.4
  • Linkwood 
    Fresh Gildans
  • Datassette 
    Kiosk (FE-60 Dub)
  • D.I.E. 
    Shake A Lil Faster
  • Detroit In Effect 
    Turn It Out
  • DJC
    Full Quantic Pass
  • Square Fauna 
  • Conrad Setó 
    Buster Keaton
  • Quaid 
    Can A Machine Save Your Soul?