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Ling & Kepla w/ RoS Collective

Manchester, 11.02.18

A monthly dose of doomed soundscapes and foreboding noise from Liverpool's Ling & Kepla.


  • Petit Singe 
    Komm Wieder Mit
  • Ahnnu 
    The Terrible One
  • Neanderthalic
    Only Partially Satisfied
  • Broshuda
  • Mapalma
    Heating Ocean
  • RLX Assassin
    Drom 1
  • Loyalty XIX
    Fatal Mentality
  • Burgher
    Automatic Hand Dryer
  • Kaio
    Like A Flower Under My Skin
  • Massacoraman
  • Lucaufer
    Untitled Demo
  • Alec Tronik
    How Many Licks (Refix)
  • Kaio
    Your Scent And Recent Events
  • Wanglian
    Sea Love Song
  • Kaio
    Angela's Crest Highway
  • Why Be 
    I Think Generation Why Be Slip
  • Dane Law 
    Hirundinidae (Für Arvo Part)
  • Psychological Strategy
    Bloody Moon
  • Aclds 
    Hrm Clng
  • Iruuu
    Tap Dancing On Leashes With New Babies
  • N-Prolenta
    Ally Theatre
  • Anna Mikkola
    Insulation Layers
  • Black Artist Group