Live now

Loose Bones

London, 10.04.17

NTS hosts since early doors, Loose Bones take you on a freewheeling trip through filmic soundscapes, psychedelia, vintage experimentalism, fuzzed out rock and other esoteric surprises. Every single month.


  • Koichi Oki 
    Summer In Shima
  • Skeletons 
  • Golden Palominos
    Clean Plate
  • Charle Hayward
    Time & Motion
  • Johnny Jenkins 
    I Walk On Gilded Splinters
  • Grandpa Jones 
    T For Texas
  • The Pschycotics
    You Don’t Believe Me
  • Magician 
    Fuck For Peace
  • Scientists 
    Demolition Derby
  • Quite Sun
    Years Of Quite Sun
  • The Tempress
    Explain It To Her Mama
  • Synethsasia
    The Tale Of The Spider And The Fly
  • Nora Guthrie 
    Emily's Illness
  • John Fahey 
    I Am The Resurrection
  • The Outcasts 
    Just Another Teenage Rebel
  • The Mutants
    War Against Girls
  • The Sleepers 
    Seventh World
  • Fang 
    Fun With Acid
  • Police Church
    Unknown Track
  • Health Hen 
    Drive She Said
  • Minutemen 
    Paranoid Chant
  • Connie Lingus 
    Fuck Me Forever
  • Alvino Rey Orchestra
  • Sybille Baer
    The End
  • Camberwell Now 
    Know How
  • David Bowie 
    Waiting For The Man
  • Hawkwind 
    Master Of The Universe
  • The Glass Family 
    House Of Glass
  • B. Loda 
    Arabian Dance
  • Link Wray 
    The Shadow Knows
  • Big Boy Pete 
    Cold Turkey
  • Jonathon Richman & The Modern Lovers