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Los Hitters w/ Chris Nakayama

Oakland, 23.03.21

Los Hitters is the collective partnership of Joe Cristando (Couple Two T’ree) and Rene Lopez (Suavecito Souldies). A collaboration that links the two from Brooklyn, NY to Oakland, CA. Their mixes focus on soul sounds comprised of their vinyl collection.


  • Donald Jenkins & The Delighters 
    Music Revolution
  • Herb Johnson, The Impacts 
    Where Are You
  • Dennis Landry 
    M' M' M' M' Good
  • The Four Hi's 
    The Train
  • Billy Leonard 
    Tears For Love
  • Bull & The El Capalara's 
    No Sign of Sadness
  • Oral Carres
    Why Can't Our Love Be Like It Was Before
  • Small Society 
    Just Loving You
  • Caprells
    Deep Love
  • Specials
    Fool For Your Love
  • Jean Shy 
    You've Got To Take It (If You Want It)
  • Jeanette Baker 
    Vacation From My Mind
  • Steve Parks 
    Still Thinking Of You (Vocal)
  • Jeri & Joe 
    Cold, Cold Love
  • Afro Blues Quintet Plus One
    La La La La La
  • Thee Midniters 
    Making Ends Meet
  • The Sweet And Innocent & The Memphis Mustangs
    I Don't Know What You’re Full Of
  • Dernier Domicile Connu
    Jeanne Et Marceau
  • Ice-Cold-Love 
    Wonderful To Be Loved