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London, 10.05.21

With Lukid

A monthly sonic journey from Lukid a.k.a Luke Blair. Expect a slow-burning, cinematic hour of hip-hop, epic psych, dub and synth soundscapes.


  • Robert Turman 
    Lonesome Echo
  • Simpleton 
    You Know Me Know
  • Tenor Saw 
    Lots Of Sign
  • Death Is Not The End
    Damascus Shake
  • Hardy Kukuk 
    .. .... So
  • Eduardo Ganso
    Epicentro Do Bloquinho
  • Apple 
    Da Meal
  • Max Watts
  • Robert Turman 
    Image Point
  • Tirzah
    Send Me
  • Gashrat 
    I Flew
  • D.M
    D Whip
  • Finis Africae 
    Hybla (Hybla)
  • Chrislo (Regis mix) 
    2 CV D'Orion (Regis Berlin Mix)
  • Yung Nudy
    One Dolla