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Lung Dart

London, 24.05.21

With Lung Dart

Lung Dart take over the NTS airwaves every fourth Monday at 10pm. Playing chopped & screwed, ambient, pop, experimental and more.


  • Tori Kudo
  • NASA
    Sounds Of Perseverance Rover Driving On Mars
  • Peter Strickmann
    Rücksprachen Mit Ke
  • Jingle Cats
    Over The Rainbow
  • A Q U A E
    PASSAGENS: Angel Killer () .(Regroup) Original Dawn .Hybrid Alien .Daily Medley
  • Erika de Casier 
  • 1010 Benja SL
  • Kane BBCC Instagram Rip
    Yup (Bad Boy Chiller Crew)
  • Fumihiro Murakami 
  • Adela Mede 
    How Did That Feel?
  • Enya 
    May It Be
  • Yoko Shimomura
    Kingdom Hearts Menu Theme
  • Daniel Kobialka 
    Trois Gymnopedies (Extended Version)
  • Nina Simone 
    Who Knows Where The Time Goes (Live)
  • Kim Doo Soo 
    강   = River
  • Gajek 
    One Can Only Speculate
  • Vilde Tuv
    Jeg Kommer Hjem Nå!
  • Tay Straithairn
    Dave's Song