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Intearnetradio w/ LYZZA & Michiko

Amsterdam, 02.12.20

Intearnet Radio is a monthly show hosted and/or curated by LYZZA ; a DJ, Producer and Vocalist based in Amsterdam via Brazil. Showcasing you her favorite contemporary, underground and not so underground selections off the internet, beats so good they could make you cry.


  • A$H
    I Got The Moves
  • Baby Blue 
    Visage of Truth
  • Femme Ladosha
    This Is Ur Brain
  • Arca
    Ladies Llorando 2019
  • Dj Smoke
    It Go
    Kawaii Anthem
  • Baby Blue
    Magical Kingdom America
  • Jzbel
    Tunnel Vision
  • Charlie Xcx
    Gone (Syn Angwy Mix)
  • Randomer 
    Sleep Of Reason
  • Creepside
    Down (CalvoMusic Remix)
  • Chorando Se Foi
  • Dj Smoke
  • Chanel
    Manita De Fama (Rafa Maya Bootleg)
  • Varg2tm, Mini Esco
    Im Waiting For It (All The Time)
  • Nelly Furtado, Missy Elliott 
    Say It Right (Instrumental)
  • LYZZA