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One Glove w/ Macca

London, 20.12.20

Stay left and take a trip with an hour of eclectic cuts from the other scouser called Macca. A low-key affair with big soul. ONE GLOVE!!!


  • Moon
  • Sivey 
    Secret Circuit
  • Billy Love 
    Can't Keep Running Away
  • Bobby Hutcherson 
  • Mike Salta & Mortale
    Henry's Spacewalk
  • Wilson Tanner 
    Sun Room
  • M.A Beat! Feat Laraaji
    Brain Off
  • Endless Boogie 
    The Artemus Ward
  • Ezra Feinberg 
    Acquainted With The Night
  • Philippe Cohen Solal Feat. Gabriela Arnon
    Living's Worth Loving